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In the past three decades, Singapore has seen a 10% decrease in the size of the average Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat. Fifteen years ago, a typical five-room apartment in Bukit Batok Central measures 121sq. m. in floor area. By 2003, the average size of a similar flat had shrunk to 110 sq. m.

Dr. Cheong Koon Hean, the CEO of HDB was quick to point out that this does not meant that the quality of living has lowered. Families are smaller now, and each person actually has more living space. Dr. Cheong also insists that the smaller flat could provide Singaporean families the comforts that they require with the help of interior design that helps create a “good living space.”

Since rooms are much smaller these days, it falls on the interior design to make the living area seem less restricted. One of the components that can be modified with the least expense is the ceiling. Here are a few guaranteed solutions that would provide the whole family a larger space to interact.


White ceilings: a timeless and classic solution

White is a color that allows the room to expand in size. A white ceiling gives the room additional height and the impression that the room is much more airy and spacious than it really is. White ceilings reflect light and bounce it around causing the room to brighten up even with the littlest amount of natural or artificial light. However, a white ceiling can also be limiting for some. And it might not go very well with more contemporary or edgy themes that the owner of the place prefers.


Minimize color contrast

Here is another useful tip when it comes to choosing the color for your ceiling such that the area becomes larger and not smaller. In order to increase the size of a typical HDB flat, minimize the color contrast between walls and ceiling. If the owner has already decided on a white ceiling that illusion of space, the color of the walls must not be too dark since contrast will give an impression that the area is constricting. Cream, pale yellow, off white, or pastels would do well to complement the white ceiling and add to the illusion of space.


Choose to be monochromatic

There is a third option. With the ceiling as reference, the owner of the flat could opt to use just one color for the ceiling and the walls. The smart choice would be to pick a light shade if the purpose is to make the room seem larger. Trims in richer tones and brighter colors would serve as accents and make the room exciting and interesting even if only one color is used all throughout. However, if a darker color is used to paint the room from floor to ceiling, then the opposite effect is achieved—the room becomes very constricting and even smaller.

Making the right choices with regard to the elements of the room, such as the ceiling can go a long way in improving on the living space, no matter how limited or small the area is. Specialists in Singapore can be found at for reliable solutions with regard to ceilings, cornices, partition walls, plastering, as well as lighting and fan installation.