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Interior design is all about keeping pace with the changing needs of clients. Every single occupant of the hundreds of flats in Singapore has his or her own goals and aspirations for their families. In Singapore and other urban centers, one of the main challenges for many flat owners is how to optimize the use of the space. Flats and apartments are much smaller today than they were 20 years ago. Families need choose furniture that will not encroach on the already limited space and they also need to find ways for additional storage. It is possible to live comfortably and provide each family member ample space despite the smaller living areas offered in Singapore today.


Value for money housing

In addition to space issues, Singaporeans are also faced with the challenges of meeting high monthly utility bills due to the use of many gadgets and appliances that use up power. These days, the high cost living is prompting many residents to be conscious of the energy efficiency of the structures that they occupy in order to decrease the overhead costs of maintaining home.

One such means of improving the cost effectiveness of a living area is to install a false ceiling. There are two main types of false ceiling. The first is a true false ceiling and the second is the L-box. The L-box is usually the choice for living room hall renovations while the other type applies to the other rooms of the house. In Singapore, the L-box costs 30% less than a true false ceiling.


The L-box is a cost-effective solution

There are two primary benefits attributed to the L-box or false ceiling. The first is aesthetics—the L-box improves on the attractiveness of any interior space. The second benefit is related to air-conditioning. The L-box reduces the overall volume in the room leading to significant energy costs.


False ceilings, also called suspended ceilings are placed beneath the actual ceiling. Aside from the two main purposes presented above, there are other benefits to considering renovating a living space for L-box or false ceiling placement. Here are some of these benefits:


1_03 Sound-proofing

1_03 Improve resistance to water and heat

1_03 Thermal insulation

1_03 Concealment of service lines and cables

1_03 For placement of lighting fixtures

1_03 Accommodation of lighting effects

1_03 Minimizing dust

1_03 Decreased risk for termite infestation


Though the benefits are many, having a false ceiling installed may be expensive. But the costing depends largely on design, and there are designs that are more affordable. The more popular designs are exposed grid false ceilings, bandraster false ceilings, timber false ceilings, suspended drywall ceilings and concealed grid design.